How much low-cost small-batch manufacturing is accomplished without using molds?

Not every product in the production process requires mass production; rather, a significant portion of the items merely require small amounts. Large numbers of plastic goods are typically produced using injection molding.

How can low-cost goods be produced in tiny batches while the cost is relatively high for products produced in small quantities? Three common production techniques exist.

3D Printing Models
3D Printing Models

3D Printing manufacturing

More and more people are using 3D printing as a new industrial technique. Prototypes were frequently created using 3D printing in the past. Currently, small batch production using 3D printing is being used in various industries thanks to the enhancement of material qualities.

Small-batch products are typically utilized for industrial parts with low demands on the aesthetics and physical characteristics of the materials. Such Nylon may be 3D printed to create things in small batches.

manufacture of silicone compound molds

The mold presented here is a silicone mold rather than an injection molding steel form, therefore Making silicone mold has a cheap production cost. Utilize a silicone mold to slowly infuse plastic.

pressure to fulfill the goal of small-batch manufacturing. Typically, a mold can be used 50 to 100 times. products.

If the performance of your small-batch products created using 3D printing falls short of the standards, you can create them using silicone composite molds. Items created by silicone composite molds can also be painted and colored, silkscreened, and subjected to other post-processing procedures. Their performance is comparable to that of products produced by injection molding.

CNC Machining

Precision machinery parts processing has advanced and expanded development along with the advancement of industrial science and technology and the growth in market demand. Demand has also increased. Precision component processing can successfully enhance the quality of the materials, the precision of the parts, the performance of their functions, and their durability during usage.

CNC Machining Models

A lot of medium-sized pieces also need to be put together, and they will be reprocessed to meet those needs. Various parts can be processed to produce parts that are more suited to our needs. Therefore, many people cannot live without the crucial connection of modifying non-standard precision mechanical parts processing in order to improve how these items serve themselves and fulfill their functions.

Contact our engineers if you need assistance with the customization or processing of non-standard parts or if you need advice on the best production method.

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