3D printing black nylon

Main Product Information:

Product Name: 3D printing black nylon

Product Material: Black nylon

Product Size: 129MM * 56MM * 67MM

Surface Treatment: Deburring, smooth surface

Product Usage: Electrical product installation accessories

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In modern manufacturing, material selection is crucial. Black nylon, with its excellent performance and wide range of applications, is becoming the star material of 3D printing technology.

Black nylon is known for its excellent mechanical properties. It has high strength, high toughness and excellent wear resistance, and can withstand high-intensity use environments. Whether it is complex industrial parts or high-demand functional prototypes, 3D printing black nylon can be used to provide reliable performance guarantee for your products.

Black nylon excels in a variety of demanding applications. It has excellent resistance to many chemicals and remains stable in high temperature environments. 3D printed black nylon parts are suitable for occasions that require corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance to ensure long-term durability and stable performance of the product.

Through 3D printing technology, black nylon parts not only perform well, but also look great. The printed surface is smooth and delicate and can be used without additional processing. This is ideal for application scenarios that focus on product appearance and feel, such as consumer electronics, fashion accessories, etc.

Black nylon is widely used in 3D printing. From automotive parts and aerospace components to medical devices and consumer electronics, 3D printing black nylon can meet the needs of various industries. Its versatility and reliability make it the perfect choice for many industries, supporting innovation and development in various fields.

3D printing black nylon, with its excellent performance and wide range of applications, is leading changes in the manufacturing industry. Whether it is improving product performance, optimizing production efficiency, or meeting diverse application needs, 3D printing black nylon provides strong support for your business. Choose our professional 3D printing services and work together to create an efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly manufacturing future.

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Q: What kind of models or drawings do I need to get a quote?
A: Our Quotation supports all popular 2D or 3D files ( PDF | DXF | DWG | OBJ | STEP | STL | IGES | Parasolid | Xt or Sample);

Q: How is the next ?
A: Our receive the 2d or 3d drawings, we will send you the quotation within 2 hours, And get your confirmation of the fee;

Q: In what materials can you make parts?
A: we offers a wide selection of common metals and plastics as well as custom and rare materials;
If you have special material requirements, please contact us

Q: what is the type of machines for manufacturing please ?
A: Manufatured from CNC Machining,Laser cutting , stamping ,injection as well as the parts files different ;

Q: Do you do the surface treatments please ?
A:yes, sure . we do the surface treatments ,for instance ; chromated, powder coating,Anodizing, laser etching as well as painting ;

Q: What is the quality Control before shipping?
A: We have QC department for the quality control before shipping;

Q: How long can it be delivery ?

A: Normally 7-15 days for delivery, to some extent depending on part size and components design complexity;


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