3D printing ornament

Main Product Information:

Product Name: 3D printing ornament

Product Material: White resin material

Product Size: 86MM * 55MM * 63MM

Surface Treatment: Surface spraying

Product Usage: Viewing and Exhibition

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In modern life, every detail can show personality and taste. As a fashion-forward 3D printed ornament, it not only gives unlimited design possibilities, but also brings you an unprecedented creative experience.

3D printing provides unprecedented design freedom for ornament. Whether it is complex geometric patterns or delicate carving details, we can achieve it through advanced 3D printing technology. You only need to provide creativity, and our professional design team will transform it into exquisite real works. Each 3D printed ornament is a unique work of art that perfectly reflects your personal style and taste.

Using the latest 3D printing technology to ensure that each piece of ornament has high precision and high quality. The fine printing process, combined with high-quality materials, makes the ornament not only beautiful in appearance, but also has excellent durability. Whether it is worn daily or as a special gift, 3D printed ornament can maintain its charm for a long time and become the finishing touch of your life.

3D printed ornament is not only suitable for personal wear, but also can be widely used in various occasions. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate gifts, etc. can all add a unique artistic atmosphere through 3D printed ornament. It is not only a piece of ornament, but also a carrier of memory and emotion. Let every important moment be more memorable with unique 3D printed ornament.

We always put customer experience first. From the initial design communication to the final delivery of the finished product, our professional team will provide you with thoughtful service throughout the process. Whether it is design suggestions or the realization of personalized needs, we will do our best to meet your expectations. Our customer service team is always on call to answer any questions for you and ensure that you feel meticulous care throughout the process.

Choose our 3D printed ornament, use the power of technology to turn your creativity into reality, and add infinite artistic beauty to life. Contact us now to start your 3D printed ornament customization journey, customize an exclusive 3D printed ornament for yourself or your loved ones, and let every day be full of the light of art and creativity!

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Q: What kind of models or drawings do I need to get a quote?
A: Our Quotation supports all popular 2D or 3D files ( PDF | DXF | DWG | OBJ | STEP | STL | IGES | Parasolid | Xt or Sample);

Q: How is the next ?
A: Our receive the 2d or 3d drawings, we will send you the quotation within 2 hours, And get your confirmation of the fee;

Q: In what materials can you make parts?
A: we offers a wide selection of common metals and plastics as well as custom and rare materials;
If you have special material requirements, please contact us

Q: what is the type of machines for manufacturing please ?
A: Manufatured from CNC Machining,Laser cutting , stamping ,injection as well as the parts files different ;

Q: Do you do the surface treatments please ?
A:yes, sure . we do the surface treatments ,for instance ; chromated, powder coating,Anodizing, laser etching as well as painting ;

Q: What is the quality Control before shipping?
A: We have QC department for the quality control before shipping;

Q: How long can it be delivery ?

A: Normally 7-15 days for delivery, to some extent depending on part size and components design complexity;


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