3K carbon fiber tube

Main Product Information:

Product Name: 3K carbon fiber tube

Product Material: 3K carbon fiber Fabric

Product Size: 1000MM * 50MM * 50MM

Surface Treatment: Deburring, smooth surface

Product Usage: It is widely used in aerospace, automotive industry, sports equipment, high-performance ships, construction and infrastructure, medical equipment, energy industry and other fields

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Main technical data:

Carbon Fiber Parts: carbon fiber tube, carbon fiber plate, carbon fiber Special-shaped parts, carbon fiber Custom parts.

Customization: logo customization, packaging customization, graphic customization.

Drawing Format: Stp, Step, Igs, Parasolid, Xt, AutoCAD(DXF, DWG), PDF or Samples.

Specification: 4.0*2.0, 5.0*4.0, 7.0*5.0, 8.0*7.0, 10*8.0, 20*16 or Custom.

Material:1k, 3k, 6k, 9k, 12k, Semi carbon fiber.


Q: What kind of models or drawings do I need to get a quote?
A: Our Quotation supports all popular 2D or 3D files ( PDF | DXF | DWG | OBJ | STEP | STL | IGES | Parasolid | Xt or Sample);

Q: How is the next ?
A: Our receive the 2d or 3d drawings, we will send you the quotation within 2 hours, And get your confirmation of the fee;

Q: In what materials can you make parts?
A: we offers a wide selection of common metals and plastics as well as custom and rare materials;
If you have special material requirements, please contact us

Q: what is the type of machines for manufacturing please ?
A: Manufatured from CNC Machining,Laser cutting , stamping ,injection as well as the parts files different ;

Q: Do you do the surface treatments please ?
A:yes, sure . we do the surface treatments ,for instance ; chromated, powder coating,Anodizing, laser etching as well as painting ;

Q: What is the quality Control before shipping?
A: We have QC department for the quality control before shipping;

Q: How long can it be delivery ?

A: Normally 7-15 days for delivery, to some extent depending on part size and components design complexity;

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