3D printing of personalized design accessories will become the norm in the market

Personalization has been a topic for many years. Although there are products on the market with the theme of personalization, they are still products produced by large-scale industrialization. Compared with most products on the market, there is not much difference. But it has been given the name of personalization. After all, it is very unrealistic to produce a product for everyone…

3d printing spare parts
3d printing spare parts

However, with the gradual maturity of 3D printing technology, it is becoming a reality to produce a product for each individual. With the help of 3D printing technology, we can not only adjust the details of the product, such as making shoes fit better, clothes In addition to being more fit, in-depth customization can also be carried out from the design stage, and this link is the most important thing for designers.

Usual customizations, due to the cumbersome process steps, are costly and often prohibitive for the general public. 3D printing technology has many advantages such as on-demand manufacturing, reduction of waste by-products, multiple combinations of materials, accurate physical replication, and portable manufacturing. These advantages can reduce the manufacturing cost by about 50%, shorten the processing cycle by 70%, realize the integration of design and manufacturing and complex manufacturing, not only will not increase additional costs but greatly reduce production costs, allowing everyone to have consumer-grade customized products will no longer is a dream.

In addition, 3D printing technology has the characteristics of individualization, complexity, high difficulty, and rapid production, which is more flexible in the production process and can also meet the diversified needs of consumers and provide efficient and convenient personalized customization services. At the same time, consumers can also participate in the process of product design, which increases their attachment to the purchase, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Ever-changing information technology continues to subvert our traditional business models, life models, and production methods. It is foreseeable that in the next 10 years or so, in the context of intelligent manufacturing, 3D printing technology will be fully integrated with many advanced technologies such as Internet of Things technology, big data technology, cloud computing technology, robotics technology, etc., and become a certain intelligent manufacturing platform. part. Personalized customization will become the norm, and the integration of various production factors and resource factors will rise to a new level.

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