What are the characteristics of non-standard CNC parts machining?

In practical application, precision parts need to have higher precision and a more refined appearance, in order to better reflect the processing level and quality. At the same time, the product is more popular with consumers. Generally speaking, CNC processing in machining has incomparable advantages and characteristics, and its product quality is usually high. So what are the characteristics of non-standard parts processing?

non-standard CNC parts processing
non-standard CNC parts processing

Non-standard parts processing

  1. First of all, the production efficiency of CNC non-standard parts processing is high. CNC part machining can process multiple surfaces simultaneously. Compared with ordinary lathe processing, which can save a lot of process and time, CNC machining parts quality is much more stable than an ordinary lathe.
  2. CNC non-standard parts processing plays an irreplaceable role in the development of new products. Generally speaking, parts of different complexity can be processed through programming, and modifying and updating the design only requires changing the lathe program, which can greatly shorten the product development cycle.
  3. The degree of automation of CNC non-standard parts processing is very high, which greatly reduces the physical labor intensity of workers. In the processing process, workers do not need to operate the whole process as the ordinary lathe but mainly observe and supervise the lathe. However, the technical content of CNC machining is higher than an ordinary lathe, and therefore requires higher mental work than an ordinary lathe.
  4. CNC lathe is expensive, have high maintenance cost, the processing preparation period is long, and the initial investment is larger than an ordinary lathe.

In addition, it should be noted that non-standard parts processing is not simple. All problems can be solved with high-specification machine tools. It should be a complete set of things, from material processing to heat treatment, to processing process design, to quality inspection, and then to the use of environmental control.

For example, even if the equal-high-standard lathe is processed and measured on the lathe, everything is the design size, but once the lathe is removed, the residual stress / generated by the working conditions in use will cause the size/fit deviation. Moreover, the higher the accuracy of the widget, the more important the environmental variable control, such as the temperature/humidity/stress distribution/trace dust in the air.

You can imagine the clean room at the German / Japanese Precision machining center. Non-standard parts processing shall be combined with material processing / advanced control and servo system / environmental variable control/precision measurement technology. At present, China lacks precision servo motors, real-time control systems, and material processing and process standardization of hard technology accumulation.

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