Why is 3D printing of auto parts widely used in China’s auto market

Using 3D printing technology to make car parts on demand has become a trend. In this respect, those who started using 3D printing years ago are undoubtedly the best. It is understood that at present, nearly 1200 auto parts are 3D printed, including 980 ordinary parts and 150 spare parts.

3D printing technology has been applied to four areas of automotive powertrain, chassis, interior, and exterior. Automobile manufacturing has always been one of the focuses of 3D printing technology research. With 3D printing, a concept model can be completed in hours or days, greatly reducing the cost and time of tool production. 3D printing can make the development of auto parts from verification to finalization more convenient and fast; From the direct manufacturing of complex products, the development of metal molds for complex parts, to the design of concept cars, there are many applications, which not only meet the needs of independent research and innovation and reduce the development and production costs of cars.

3d printing auto car parts application
3d printing auto car parts application

Application areas of 3D printing auto parts:

Automobile design, automobile trial-manufacture, quality inspection, automobile test results analysis, modification or personalized appearance customization.

Using 3D printing technology, auto parts manufacturers can produce auto parts faster, more flexibly, and more economically, especially to meet the needs of individual customers. In contrast, traditional injection molding processes not only require the development of additional tools but also result in a large amount of material waste and inventory overhang, resulting in the loss of color.

Producing new lightweight 3D printed parts long before that will help cars meet their goal of creating alternative fuel models.

Being able to 3D print lightweight parts would be a big step for the electric car industry. Mass production and widespread use of electric vehicles remain elusive because of consumer concerns about range. But reducing body weight will improve fuel efficiency and extend range.

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